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No. 172 Minjiang Road,Qingdao,China
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Aufine Group Co., Limited is located in the most beautiful sailing city Qingdao, China, with the vision of supplying the world best tyre, best service and brand for all men happy to drive on.

To provide riders all over the world with the most superior quality tires, Aufine carries on total quality management in design, raw material, production, quality control, testing and check, logistics, after-sales services, etc. Nowadays, Aufine tire is contribute to bring safety, comfort and enjoyment to every driver in the world.

Aufine is continually developing new innovations in truck, bus and passenger car tire technology. With a full line-up of tires tailored to nearly every commercial-use application, Aufine truck and bus tires provide the highest possible level of safety, dependability and cost-effectiveness for different road conditions in the world.

For transportation purpose trucks, there are 4 production lines.
Aufine tires off road line for long distance travel which is adapted to continued high speed driving and economic fuel consumption. For buses, Aufine designed express way tires to superior high safety and lower fuel consumption and high mileage. For engineering purpose trucks, there are all weather regional renovatable high way tyre for travel medium and long-distance. Non-Highway tires with long service life and great elasticity and tires are for varied road services.For light commercial vehicles, Aufine light truck tires get the increased mileage and high durability you need.

Not only relying on advanced technology, world class production and testing equipment, but also the spirits to put the best possible tires on the road and the desire to highest satisfy the driver’s expectation. Aufine tires win recognition from customers and different international organizations. Nowadays, Aufine tires have got most certifications in the tire industry including DOT, ECE, REACH, S-MARK, CCC, ISO9001, TS16949, GCC, INMETRO, SASO, SONCAP,  LATU, NOM, etc.

The Aufine tire distribution network is keeping on expanding now and we are operating on more than 100 countries and regions from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. Continued development of Aufine tire, also bring the chance of Aufine tire to provide superior service to the drivers in different regions.

Aufine pays much importance to brand culture and communication and takes personal training, serving and cooperate culture as the core stone as company cohesion and development. Aufine not only works for the development of superior quality tires, but also promotes social activities and charity events to help and support the society development.

The sole contact between the vehicle and the road is a patch of rubber. Drivers can only trust their trucks, buses or cars to turn, stop, and go if they trust their tires. Aufine’s passionate commitment to safety and performance inspires us to supply the best tires for our customers. If there are vehicles, there are drivers, and as long as there are drivers, there will be AUFINE.

Infinite forward pleasure, Aufine tire!