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Aufine truck tires offer a wide range of applications .Each application places its own combination of demands and stresses on tires.Choose an application from the form as below to fine what you need.
Long distance and high speed.Annual vehicle mileage could be 80000+,The operating radius is gerneral 300+ miles.The tire wear is low abrasion and long original tread life.
In these high-density traffic zones, roads are winding and slippery. Tires are developed for medium distance transport. Annual vehicle mileage could be 30,000-80,000,Operating radius is gererally 300 miles or less. The tire wear is medium abrasion and increased lateral scrub.
Vehicles run on particularly wearing roads and in construction sites. Tires are designed with reinforcements on the tread or the shoulder so as to offer high resistance to impacts.Annual vehicle mileage could be 10,000-70,000,Operating Radius is 100 miles or less ,The tire wear is high abrasion and exposed to agressive surfaces.
For tow vehicles, quarry vehicles and vehicles working on difficult construction sites,The tires with deep tread patterns are designed to provide optimized grip and wear resistance.
The tires could be used on snow removal vehicles etc. which will need strong traction on snow and ice road.
Alists such as buses, comfort and grip are essential. The running noise is reduced and is less of a nuisance.The annual vehicle mileage is less than 30,000 miles.The high abrasion and the constant turning and twisting are the mainly tire wear.